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Continue to make an impact even after your event is over.

Make your event work for you and gain valuable feedback every time!

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Have you ever felt this way after an event?

  • You’re not sure if your event had the impact you wanted it to

  • You wish you had a system in place to quickly follow up with your attendees

  • You want a way to measure your event’s success

Well, what if I told you that for only $27 you could have access to 3 proven tools that will do all of that and so much more?

The $27 Post-Event Survey Toolkit Includes…

Survey email template

Just plug in your info and you’re ready to go!  This template is a simple yet effective way to connect with your audience.

Survey tips & best practices

Designed to help you set clear goals and create your perfect survey.

More than 40 sample questions

Choose from three different styles - multiple choice questions, rating questions, and open ended questions - or create your own unique combination!

Just because your event is over does not mean your work is done.

One of the most important aspects of an event is the post-event survey.  It is a key component of the event execution process.  


One simple survey can help you determine:


  • What your attendees thought about your event and what they enjoyed most

  • Overall level of satisfaction about the event

  • If it was worth the time and resources they invested

  • If they would participate in this event in the future

  • And so much more, depending on the questions you ask


However, most business owners don’t realize that a survey is an essential final step that can help ensure a positive overall experience for their attendees. And, critical information to improve your event in the future.


To help with this, I’ve created 3 easy-to-use tools in one simple toolkit that makes the whole process easy and stress-free!

The Post-Event Survey Toolkit allows you to gather powerful feedback and set yourself up for success with your future events.

The right tools are EVERYTHING

Post-event surveys are one of the most important

places where an event host can collect information.

But, what are the right questions to ask, and how can you get all the information to create better events year over year?


For only $27, you will receive 3 POWERFUL TOOLS:

Let’s be honest.  There’s a lot that goes into planning an event.  By the time you’ve finished, the last thing you want to do is more work.  However…

What you do after your event can leave a lasting impression and allow for positive growth and change.

Gathering feedback, no matter if it’s positive or negative, matters.  That feedback will help you determine which aspects of your event had the greatest impact and which ones you need to change or let go of altogether.

Then, it’s your job to take those answers and show your audience that you value their opinions and incorporate them into your future events.  They will feel heard and you will gain their trust.  Bonus:  You’re likely to create a long-lasting relationship!

Post-event surveys allow you to:

  • Gather valuable feedback

  • Get to know your attendees better

  • Determine if your efforts met expectations

  • Understand the value your event brought to your attendees

  • Discover opportunities to re-engage with attendees in future events

  • Measure your success and discover how you can improve

Hear what others have to say about Wendi:

To say Wendi puts on an incredible show would be a massive understatement. I've been a part of Tony Robbins' incredibly produced, top-notch shows both in-person and zoom for over 20 years and I believe they are the best of the best as far as speaking events. And when I had a chance to be a speaker at an event Wendi was organizing, I was absolutely blown away by what she had put together, it felt like I could have been with Tony! If you have an event to put on and want it to be amazing for your attendees and presenters, speak to Wendi ASAP.

Felix Lin

CEO, Konfidently

Breakthrough Speaker

 Tony Robbins

Leadership Academy

WHAT AN AMAZING  PERSON (and event planner)! I thought I knew what it takes to put on an event ... until I met Wendi Freeman with Be Bright Events.  If you are even thinking about putting on an event (in-person, virtual, or hybrid), do yourself a favor and contact Wendi. She’s the BEST and will help you make your event the one EVERYONE talks about long after it’s over!!

John Hulen

Coach, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, & Author

Relationships & Revenue

What are you waiting for?  Grab your copy of the Post-Event Survey Roadmap now for $27 and change the way you execute events now and in the future!

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