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It's no secret that in-person events have made a MASSIVE resurgence and venues are booking up faster than ever!

Need assistance in selecting the perfect venue that aligns with your event vision? We’re here to guide you through the maze of options, ensuring every detail matches your unique requirements.

Once you find the perfect venue what about that dreaded contract?

Negotiating contracts can be a daunting task, but one of my favorites! Trust us to handle the negotiations, protecting your interests, securing the best terms possible, and meticulous analysis of the fine print to identify potential pitfalls and ensure YOU are protected.

We're committed to securing the most favorable terms for you. From pricing and payment schedules to cancellation policies and liability clauses, we leave no stone unturned in advocating for your needs!

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Are you planning an event and still haven't locked in your venue?

We totally get it... Securing the right venue can be a daunting and time-consuming task.


And without the right experience, you could find yourself unprotected and overspending.

Let us save you time and money!

100% of our clients have recovered their investment through the savings we negotiated on their behalf.

(And saved invaluable time combined with peace of mind knowing they have a fair and protective contract.)

Ready to take the hassle and headache out of securing your venue?

Book your zero obligation consultation call below!

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This one-time investment will more than make up for itself with our negotiation abilities. 


100% of our client have made back their investment with the cost savings we negotiated. (YES! 100%!)


Client-sourced venue on their own 

- Time Involved

- Paid $12,000 for room rental only

- No food and beverage

BBE Sourced the Venue and Negotiated.  The event was exactly the same requirements and city.  Only difference were the dates.  Both events took place in the same calendar year.  


Room Rental: $8,400 

- Food and Beverage Minimum: $12,000  

- Screen / Projector Rental: $3,000

  Total Proposed Investment: $23,400

- Parking: $25 per day (for attendees)


- Room Rental: $1,800  (savings of $6,600)

- Food and Beverage Minimum: $4,500 (savings of $7,500)

- Screen / Projector Rental: $0.00 (savings of $3,000)

  Total Negotiated Investment: $6,300

- Free Parking (saved attendees $300 each) 

Client Received $17,100 worth of negotiated discounts and $300 of discounts for attendees!

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The Flat-Fee Package Includes...

Identifying Event Program Needs and Parameters

Custom Request for Proposal (RFP) Creation

Venue Sourcing & Research & Negotiations

All Communications with Potential Venues

Venue Selection Recommendations & Presentation

Contract Negotiations & Redline Review

Download the PDF and read all of the timeline specifics and more on our time together to find your perfect venue.

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Ready to find your perfect venue?

Schedule a FREE 30-min Venue Selection Discussion to find out more about how we can support you. We’re happy to answer any questions and excited for the opportunity to support you with your event planning!


Ever heard the nightmare of endless venue searches, dragging on for months?

Potentially leading to the brink of event cancellation and/or the need to make tons of concessions (on what you really want) just to secure the space?

Imagine living that nightmare for months while continuing to plan and market your event.

That was Nicole's reality until she found Be Bright Events.

We recently emphasized the power of choosing an event planner over a venue-sourcing agency, and Nicole's story beautifully illustrates why.

In under 48 hours, we located a perfect venue for her event and skillfully negotiated a contract, saving her event from cancellation AND saving thousands of dollars for the host in the process!

This is the Be Bright difference – swift, expert action that turns your event vision into reality.

Read more on the blog now!

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Wendi Freeman - Be Bright Events

- Wendi Freeman

Hi! I'm Wendi, the founder and owner of Be Bright Events, a boutique event planning, management, and consulting company.


From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to work with entrepreneurs whose sole focus was to empower and inspire others. I find joy every day in helping others spark engagement, create change, and enrich lives, communities, and organizations through their events.


My team and I are experienced event professionals who thrive on creating events that enhance the experience of everyone that attends through emotional connection, intellectual stimulation, and physical excitement. We thrive in reducing the stress for our clients by managing all the moving pieces to ensure that their events run smoothly from conception through execution


Through advanced preparation, project management, excellent communication, attention to detail, and the willingness to always go the extra mile, we get the opportunity to turn our client's vision into a reality.

We want to be your go-to source for growth, resources, inspiration, and innovation.

I’m excited to have you as a part of the Be Bright Events family!


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