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Free Resources

Let's face it planning successful events is tedious, exhausting and requires meticulous attention to detail.  We have created the following resources to assist you in your event planning. Whether you are planning your first event, or want to ensure you are following best practices we created the following FREE resources to assist you in your event planning.

For additional resources check out these time-saving tools and templates to fast-track & streamline your event planning process and set yourself up for success.


Workbook: Setting Goals For Your Event

By setting your goals and intentions before you get started, you will be able to make strategic decisions as you begin implementing your plan.


Download this FREE workbook to walk step-by-step through the major decisions you will make throughout the strategy process and goal planning for your event.


Ideal Attendee

An event without attendees isn't an event. Do You Know Who Your Target Attendees Are?

Download this FREE attendee persona template and gain better insight to create messaging that will generate higher ticket sales and increase attendance.  

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Hotel vs. Event Venue

Unlock the secrets to choosing the perfect venue for your next event with our FREE guide! Whether you're debating the elegance of a hotel ballroom or the charm of an independent venue, our expert insights will guide you to make an informed decision that aligns with your vision, budget, and guest experience. 



Event Emcee
Hiring Checklist

An event emcee is a MUST HAVE.

Incorporating a skilled emcee increases the event's level of professionalism, keeps the program on-track, and will turn a good event experience into an exceptional event experience.

Download this FREE checklist to assist you in seamlessly hiring an emcee for your next event.


The Ultimate Virtual Event Engagement Technology Guide

This Technology Guide shares all about how to elevate the interactive elements of your virtual gatherings.


From the essentials of live polling and dynamic Q&A sessions to gamification and virtual networking... 


Event Planning

Mistakes can be very costly when planning events? A mistake can affect your budget, let down your guests, and even damage your reputation.

Download this FREE list of commonly made event planning mistakes, and learn how to prevent them from happening to you.


Determining your Event Niche & Topic

Download the "Determining your Event Niche" Workbook and get access to a comprehensive guide to help you pinpoint the ideal niche and topic for your event. 

Download now and get started!


Venue Sourcing & RFP Creation Guide

Creating an RFP that is well thought out and executed will help you and the venue save time and move to contract faster! 

Download the FREE guide to RFP's and Venue Sourcing Questionnaire and fast track your venue selection process.


Virtual Event
Planning Workbook

This will take you step-by-step through the major decisions you will make throughout the planning process to launch a wildly successful, profitable & engaging virtual event.  


Download this FREE workbook to fast-track your planning process and feel confident that nothing slips through the cracks.


10 Ways To Boost Virtual Event Registrations

Whether your event is a one-person webinar or a multi-day summit with a long speaker lineup, it deserves the maximum amount of attendees.
Download these FREE ten ways to break through the noise and ensure your event stands out in the crowd, boost registrations so you fill that “room.


The FAQs Swipe Files

Want a Swipe files of the most commonly asked questions (and answers) to create a comprehensive FAQ document for your in-person event Attendees?


Get instant access right now by adding your name and email!


Event Acronyms and Terminology Explained

The events industry is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, and terminology and if you’re not already familiar with the lingo, you may find yourself feeling lost and confused. ​

Download this FREE guide to help you understand the most common event acronyms and terminology to help navigate through event planning.


A Guide To
Event Sponsorship

Sponsorships offer a great opportunity to expand and generate revenue. Sponsors add a level of complexity to your event and can also provide tremendous value.

Download this FREE event sponsorship guide to determine if offering sponsorships is the right fit for you.


Delivering Powerful Virtual Presentations

Presenting virtually is not the same as presenting on stage.  You have to recreate the experience & engagement that comes naturally with in-person events. 

Download these FREE tips and tricks to learn how to adjust your approach and delivery to keep your audience engaged and entertained.


10 Steps To Plan Your Company Holiday Party

This Ultimate Company Holiday Party Planning Guide will walk you through

the step-by-step process for planning a memorable and enjoyable holiday party for your company and/or clients.


This guide will tell you exactly where to start, what the most important aspects of planning are, give you easy-to-follow timelines, and ensure you don’t miss a critical step in the party planning process.

For additional resources check out these time-saving tools and templates
to fast-track & streamline your event planning process and set yourself up for success.

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