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Do You Know Who Your Ideal Attendees Are?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

An event without attendees is not an event, so profiling your ideal attendees is critical to actually align your planning with what they actually want and need.

Too often we are too focused on filling seats, checking-off the ever growing to-do list, and meeting deadlines. It can be tempting to use "cookie cutter" templates and market the same message to every audience. In fact, a Hubspot survey reveals, 43% of event attendees feel that events marketed to them are not relevant to their needs. Taking the extra time to understand your audience and cater your message to them can have a drastic impact on your pre-event marketing efforts, as well as the experience you give your attendees at your event.

People attend events for the community, engagement, and experience, but most importantly the content. Your attendees desire content that is relatable, meaningful, and personalized. This is why creating a sense of personalization through attendee personas is key to standing out among your competitors.

If you don't have a clear understanding of who your guests are, you’re missing out on generating massive results in terms of attendance, revenue, and attendee experience. The learning from the attendee persona’s psychographics, motivations, challenges, and personalities will affect all aspects of the event life cycle.

Download this template to identify your ideal attendees.

We recommend creating up to 5 personas and remember to create them for your ideal sponsors too!

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