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Event Strategy & Consulting

Take the guesswork out of planning your next event!


Whether it's an in-person event, online conference, fundraising gala, or a team offsite, we're there to help! Our consulting packages use your resources and our strategy and expertise to help you to streamline and simplify your planning efforts. 

We help you focus on what matters most and give you the guidance, tools, and expert strategy you need to plan and manage your event with ease.

Designed to streamline and simplify your do-it-yourself planning efforts. Our strategy sessions are a collaborative process that is personalized and extended to meet your needs and goals and provides you with the strategy, timeline, and documents you need to get things done with intention and efficiency.

In addition to clarifying the complexities of your event, we will work together to discover your event's strengths and potential, create a vision for your event, and make sure everything is in place to make it happen. You'll gain clarity and confidence on what's possible and have access to top-notch planning tools and templates.

When you take advantage of our expert strategy, consulting sessions, and planning tools, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips, to simplify your event planning efforts.

You'll save time, money, and get more enjoyment out of your event with our personalized consulting plan.

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Together we will determine what you need to execute your event and develop a plan that ensures what needs to be done, actually gets done. Personalized guidance and strategy throughout the event planning process and techniques to help you succeed and maximize profits.​

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You will gain access to the exact tools, templates, and resources we use with our full-service clients. After each call, take your learnings and begin executing immediately. Never start with a blank page again.

See the list of resources available

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Pick and choose strategic topics as you need them. Our time will be spent based on your specific needs at the time of each call. You don't know what you don't know and we refuse to confine you to a box.  

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Things are going to come up as you are planning, and we don't want you to have to wait until your next call. With Voxer support you can eliminate roadblocks and solve quick hits and keep the ball rolling

Past Clients Say... 

Easy to Focus on the Mission of the Event

Wendi is exactly what you want in an event manager: organized, detail-oriented, positive and proactive. I've worked with her for over three years and she makes it exceptionally easy for you to focus on the mission of the event -- market awareness, credibility, client engagement, lead generation -- rather than on the minutiae.



Jay Lechtman

Driven "Firecracker" Personality

Wendi is a go-getter and truly knows the ins-and-outs of event planning, coordination, and execution. Her friendly, outgoing nature makes for easy communication, and her driven, "firecracker" personality leads to efficient, effective, SUCCESSFUL events.


Kindling Creativity

Natanya Steelman

Her guidance on what needed to be done and by when really helped us to stay on track

Hosting a virtual event for the first time and working with Wendi we learned all the ins and outs. The expertise and attention to detail that Wendi brought to the experience was beyond words. It's so hard to capture how well thought out all of her details, logistics and planning were, and we couldn't believe how many ideas she had.  Even some of the questions she asked us helped us to think about all the important details, including things we didn't know to think about. Her guidance on what needed to be done and by when really helped us to stay on track.  


We really, really, really enjoyed working with Wendi.  We love her personality, her energy and the passion she puts behind everything that she does. We would (and will) work with her again and again and again. We're so grateful to have had this experience. 


Inspire Her Confidence Event Host

Ashley Freeman

Imagine how much simpler your planning process will be when you have access to all of our resources!

Not only do we provide expert strategy, but we also give you timelines, templates, and documents that will make your job easier. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s really important – putting on a great event!

Are You Ready to Take Your Event to the Next Level?
Find Out if Consulting is Right for You?

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