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Whether you've already assembled a dynamic team and gathered your resources, or you're navigating the initial stages of event planning, the Event Accelerator program will be a game-changer in setting your event up for success. Effective event coordination isn’t just about having the resources – it's about strategic direction and expert guidance.


Our Strategic Event Accelerator Program equips you with the necessary strategies, timelines, and documents to ensure every task is approached with intention and efficiency. Imagine the ease and confidence that comes from having access to proven resources, tools, timelines, and templates designed to streamline your path to success.


Think about the sense of accomplishment and confidence you’ll feel when hosting your next event, backed by the knowledge and support of expert consultation.


Click here for 3 monthly payments of $2,249 

1:1 Event Accelerator Program

  • This call will serve as the foundation for our meetings and helps us establish objectives and priorities in an effort to maximize our time together. This call will not count toward your strategy consulting hours.

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