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Unleash the power of your event with our Marketing & Promotion Playbook.


This comprehensive toolkit empowers you to execute flawless marketing strategies and promotions, ensuring your event captivates and resonates with your audience. 




Virtual Events Marketing Playbook:

Your comprehensive guide to crafting a winning marketing strategy for virtual events. Unlock the secrets to engaging your audience and driving participation with expert insights and proven tactics.


High Converting Registration Page Checklist

25 Must Have components  to include on your event website


Building a Virtual Event Website

A comprehensive guide to building a high-converting virtual event website, offering best practices, copy for each essential page, and valuable content to bring your website to life


Social Media Swipe File To Sell Out Events

Elevate your social media game with our curated swipe file. Craft engaging and shareable content effortlessly, ensuring your event gains traction across various platforms.


Guide to Facebook Ads and Headlines:

Master the art of Facebook advertising with our detailed guide. Learn to create compelling ads and captivating headlines that grab attention and drive conversions.


Facebook Ads & Headline Swipe File:

Unleash the potential of Facebook advertising with our swipe file. Access proven ad copy that converts and drives results for your event promotions.


Promotional Email Sequence Guide & Templates:

Dive into the art of crafting effective promotional email sequences. Learn to build anticipation, drive registrations, and nurture your audience with strategic email marketing. Customize sequences to suit your event's unique needs while maintaining professionalism and impact. 


Post Registration Email Sequence Guide & Templates:

Extend engagement beyond registration with our guide to post-registration email sequences. Keep your audience excited and informed as the event approaches. Create personalized post-registration email sequences. Tailor communication to build anticipation and ensure a seamless attendee experience.


Kickoff & Closing Call Outlines:

Navigate event kickoffs and closings with confidence using our outlined scripts. Ensure a smooth flow of communication and leave a lasting impression on your audience.



    • Virtual Events Marketing Playbook
    • High Converting Registration Page Checklist
    • Guide to Building a Virtual Event Website
    • Social Media Swipe Files to Sell Out Events
    • Guide to Facebook Ads and Headlines
    • Facebook Ads & Headlines Swipe File
    • Promotional Email Sequence Templates & Swipe Files
    • Post Registration Email Sequence Templates & Swipe Files
    • Kick off & Closing Call Outlines/Scripts
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