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10 Ways To Boost Virtual Event Registrations

Whether your event is a one-person webinar or a multi-day summit with a long speaker lineup, it deserves the maximum amount of attendees.

So.. your date is set and your registration page is up and running.

Now what?

In no particular order, I am sharing my favorite ways to break through the noise and ensure your event stands out in the crowd and you fill that “room.”

Focus on Value First.

Your event is ultimately for your attendees so it’s important to focus on providing them with maximum value. When marketing your event, the value your attendees can expect from attending should be at the forefront. Make sure they know “what’s in it for them” and then over-deliver!

Increase Your Email Marketing.

Your existing audience is GOLD - they have already raised their hand and opted into your list. Grow and nurture your email list leading BEFORE you open registration. Send emails validating the value you bring at your event so when registration opens, your audience is already thinking about its contents, and signing up becomes a no-brainer!

(Tip: Include testimonials from previous event attendees)

Develop a Social Media Strategy.

Did I mention your existing audience is gold? Promote your event on your social media platforms as soon as your event is set in stone. Utilize live video to get your audience excited for what is to come, highlight speakers, and show behind the scenes! Depending on your budget, consider investing in paid ads to expand your marketing reach.

(Tip: Video posts get the most views and engagement)

Include Interactive Components.

It’s no secret we are craving interaction and community right now. Include and promote an interactive element in your event! This will not only draw more people to register but your attendance rates will skyrocket during the event and they will stay high throughout! Live polls, Q&As, and breakout sessions are now standard in most events. Level up your interactive components with an engaging emcee, hot seat session, a virtual DJ, cooking or cocktail demonstrations, virtual magic shows, trivia, comedians, auctions, contests, or any combination of the above.

Make It Fun!

The content and speakers of your event is enough to draw attendees in, but if you can add an additional incentive - even better! Swag bags, prize drawings, and coupons for services are all great options! Contests are a fun and lucrative way to drive virtual event registrations. Consider doing a contest for both your speakers and your attendees to see who can get the most signups!

(Tip: Checkout UpViral for a simple solution to automate your referral contests)

Want even MORE tips?

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