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Why Hiring an Event Planner Makes Financial Sense

If you’ve been considering planning an event for your business, one of the first things that usually comes up is the budget.

You may initially think that hiring someone to help is a cost you simply can’t justify.

However, when it comes to making the most of your budget, an event planner can actually help you to save more money than you thought possible while also offering value you may never have considered.

A Matter of Time

It’s important to realize that planning an event isn’t a task that you do once and then check off your list.

In reality, it’s an involved process with many moving parts that take months to plan. Even a small can have its complications. Throughout the planning process, your event evolves. Things can, and often do, come up at a moment’s notice and decisions need to be made quickly.

Planning means details, deadlines, ongoing phone calls, and emails, organizing vendors, booking speakers, setting up meetings…the list goes on and on.

When you are doing it on your own, what often ends up happening is your day-to-day business slows down. You begin to lose focus. You forget that you still need to pay attention to all of the ongoing tasks associated with running your business. Not to mention everything outside of work - your kids, family, errands, travel, etc.

Your time is valuable.

Take a moment to think about your typical day. How much extra time do you really have in your already busy schedule to devote to planning your event?

That is one (of the many) reasons that event planners exist.

Zone of Genius

As the owner of your business, only you know how to run it in the best way possible. There are things that you can do better than anyone else. Let’s just call it your zone of genius.

Like you, an event planner has their own zone of genius.

When you hire an event planner it’s not only for the time and money they can save, it's also for their experience. And it’s in that experience and knowledge where their true value exists. A great planner can offer you:

  • Industry & Knowledge - Hiring a planner offers you the ability to tap into their knowledge of the area where your event is being held. They know the lay of the land and where to find the spaces and services that you need. They also know the costs involved and can direct you to the ones that best suit your budget. Not to mention all of the industry terms, standards, and best practices.