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5 Reasons You Need To Hire an Event Planner (And the Benefits!)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

This is not the time to reach for that Do-It-Yourself 13-Step How to Run a Live Event “Cheat” Sheet that you bought for $27. Perhaps you've been planning your event in your mind for years or maybe you had an event scheduled and were forced to postpone. Or, you’ve hosted an event and are ready to level up the experience, or maybe your previous event failed to meet your expectations and hit your goals. Regardless of which situation you are in, a professional event planner/producer will help you plan and execute the event of your dreams!

Now that venues are opening and restrictions are lifting, you are more than ready to connect with your audience in person. You want tens or hundreds or even thousands to attend. And you’ll use everything in your toolbox to make that happen, including spending weeks perfecting your marketing materials so they look “just right.” You’ve stepped way out of your comfort zone on this one in order to grow your business’s brand, reach, and bottom line.

Difference Between Vision and Execution

As a business owner, you know the difference between vision and execution. In fact, your business growth has been a direct result of your ability to hold a vision, execute, make mistakes and reiterate better the next time. When it comes to your live event, failure is not an option.

A professional event planner knows how to strategically and successfully plan and produce your event and has the experience and track record to prove it. And she knows the pitfalls that can only be learned from experience.

What are the benefits of having an event planner?

1. Finds The Perfect Venue and Makes Sure You Are Contractually Protected

A professional event planner has relationships and experience working with a wide variety of venues and knows how to find the perfect venue for your event that will “wow” your attendees. A planner also knows the ins and outs of negotiating a contract, ensuring your attendees receive the lowest possible hotel rates, and you gain the most value with additional services (concessions) negotiated into the contract. Speaking of contracts, a planner is familiar and comfortable with all the legal language within venue contracts and works on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum protection for your event. You can sleep easier at night knowing the legalities are handled. Venue contracts are written to protect the venue, not the host. An experienced planner knows the clauses and terms that should be included (and often times need to be added) to ensure you are protected, and the areas to negotiate.

2. Saves You Money

In order to save money, some entrepreneurs choose to plan their events themselves. The truth is, hiring a professional event planner can actually save you money. A professional planner knows first-hand where you can afford to cut costs, and where you should not.

Your planner is going to understand your vision and knows how to execute that vision within your budget. For instance, maybe you want a blue giraffe in the room. Your planner is going to help determine the real purpose and benefit while finding the most cost-effective way to execute this vision. Who knows, maybe a purple elephant is actually more cost-effective and accomplishes the same goal.

They also know how to select the most cost-effective venue and have the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate with the venue for the best rates and perks that “out-of-industry” people may not even know to ask for. Planners also have established relationships and connections to vendors that offer lower prices (direct to the planner) on many of the expenses associated with an event (not to mention their negotiation skills are always hard at work for you)!

And, of course, there is the budget. An event planner can help you establish a budget, and stick to it, and, by taking care of all the details — not leaving anything out — they also save you money on last-minute contingencies.

*Did you know: The entire fee you pay your planner (along with event expenses) can be written off on your taxes as a “marketing expense”.

3. Saves You Time

One of the biggest downfalls to planning yourself is the amount of time you lose, and if you are not a professional planner, it will likely take you even longer to accomplish all the tasks at hand, and you run the risk of missing important details and having things slip through the cracks (You don’t know what you don’t know). And we all know that time is money!

A professional planner will save you time which enables you to stay focused on what really matters to you, which is likely your mission, your message, and the positive impact you want to have.

A planner will also save you time at the actual event. The goal of your event is to connect with your audience in an exciting way. Spending time dealing with last-minute vendor issues is never enjoyable (oftentimes can be avoided when working with a professional) and as an event host, the last thing you want is to have your focus and energy shifted outside of your zone of genius. A planner will make sure your event is executed with ease, maximizing the time you have to transform lives, network, connect, and actually enjoy the experience.

The other factor to consider is what your time is worth? Sure, a planner comes at a cost, and having your time is also incredibly valuable. What sort of profit-producing activities could you be doing in your own zone of genius while your planner is handling the details of your event?

4. Reduces Stress

Event planning and all of its meticulous tasks and details are undoubtedly stressful. It's no wonder “Event Planner/Coordinator” consistently shows up on the top 10 most stressful jobs list year over year. From venue selection and vendor/speaker/sponsor management, to production timelines and day of execution, an event planner’s management is quite useful.

In order for your event to have its desired impact, you must stay focused on why you are hosting this event in the first place. You cannot afford to get caught up in all of the details that a professional planner will handle so effectively and effortlessly. While your mind is at ease, the planner is working on your behalf to make sure that all logistics are in order and everyone you need is available and prepared for your event. Hiring a planner will allow you to be 100% present at your event, engage with your attendees, and over-deliver on their expectations, without the distraction of all the minutiae. You can relax knowing everything is handled and working behind the scenes.

5. Takes Care of the Details

Not only does a professional event planner execute your vision, but they can help you step into an even greater vision, and take care of ALL the details to make that happen. From audience research and marketing, to coordination, logistics, and day-of execution, a good planner can facilitate all aspects of your event. An exceptional planner will not only plan and implement all aspects of your event, but she also listens to your vision, asks questions, provides suggestions, and plans the event through YOUR lens. Not all event planners are simply order takers.

The right event planner will identify the unique needs of your community/target audience and develop a concept that appeals to them based on their interests. But they don't stop there! Exceptional event planners take it a step further and implement plans to engage your attendees (before, during, and after the event).

Their marketing strategy is effective and the attention to detail ensures that every last element of your event supports your brand and brings you closer to achieving your goals. This strategic approach allows for a deeper connection with attendees (before they even step foot into your event) and better results for you.

Your planner also curates experiences. They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two. They know what works and bring unique experiences to the table. Your attendees benefit from every past client and event they have planned because each client has brought a unique set of skills and imagination to their event, only broadening the planner’s realm of possibilities.

An exceptional planner goes above and beyond. It’s a planner's job to orchestrate a legendary event down to the smallest detail and has contingency plans in place that prevent hiccups from becoming nightmares.

Whether you are planning your first event or your 17th, the last thing you want to skimp on is the event itself. When you hire a planner you can relax knowing that all of the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted and that your event will be an impactful one that people will be talking about for years to come.

What if you don't have the budget to hire a planner?

We've created an affordable one-on-one event coaching package personalized for exactly what you need so you can plan the most memorable and profitable events with certainty, and confidence knowing you are empowered with the tools that will bring you success.

Take the guesswork out of hosting successful events! Book a FREE Strategy Call to learn more and see which of our event planning solutions and services are right for you!

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