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Creating Soul Connections

“I know who my event unicorn is…Wendi Freeman and Be Bright Events.” - Alok Appadurai

Planning an event is more than just checking off boxes on a to-do list. It’s more than simply finding the right venue, negotiating contracts, or hiring the right floral designer. Planning an event that means something involves much more than that.

It’s about having a vision and taking the steps needed to bring that vision to fruition. Event planning is a process where you have the opportunity to take your unique knowledge and abilities and use them to plan out moments and experiences.

Above all, planning an event the right way allows you to create a connection between people. And not just any connection. A lasting connection that goes beyond the event itself.

However, in order to do this, you need to find that event unicorn. You need to work with an event planner who can help you create that level of connection - a soul connection.

So what exactly is a soul connection, and how can it transform your event?

A soul connection occurs when people are thrown together for a period of time in which they have the opportunity to share both amazing experiences and awakenings.

Soul connections have the power to transform and they help to open the doorway to personal growth. These relationships are profound. They go deep and possess a level of intimacy that is long-lasting.

Just imagine creating an event where people leave feeling charged - drawn to the very reason and purpose behind its creation.

Sounds amazing, right? If this is the type of impact you want to make with your next event, you’re in the right place.

In order to achieve this level of connection, the most important first step is making sure that you’re working with an event planner and a team that understands the importance of this connection.

Wendi Freeman started Be Bright Events in order to work with entrepreneurs whose sole focus is to empower and inspire others. She wanted to help them create an environment that would spark engagement while enriching lives, communities, and organizations. Above all, she wanted to help inspire change.

Wendi is that event unicorn. The type of event planner that pours herself entirely into the process and can fully understand a client’s vision.

When Alok Appadurai, founder of Uplift Millions, wanted to plan his first event, he knew who he wanted to work with:

“...the only name I called, I did not shop around, I didn’t go interviewing eight different event planners. I interviewed one. It wasn’t even an interview, it was like “let’s do this thing!” Why? Heart. She already has all the skills. She’s incredibly detail oriented - all of that. It’s the heart. It’s how she poured herself into every step of the process, before, during, and now after.”
"She understood my aesthetic. She understood the vision. And therefore she started doing things around it. I was like, oh my God, she's in my mind, she understands, she's living, breathing, and walking my vision for this event. She's not just coordinating and executing.

You can hear all of the incredible things he had to say about working with Wendi

and Be Bright Events RIGHT HERE. We promise it’s worth a listen!

“This wasn't just a job for her. This was a soul mission for her."

Believe it or not, it's possible to feel the same way Alok does about the success of his event.

Wendi and her team give you all the support and tools you need to be inspiring, be empowering, and be extraordinary. From planning to production, to on-site execution, they will support you as you take the journey from idea to action.

Your time is better spent focusing on what matters most to you: your mission, your message, and your positive impact on others. When an event is done right, you are then able to harness that positive energy and create momentum that carries far into the future. You deserve a team with the passion and creativity to inspire and transform lives.

Bring your big idea to life and reach out to discover just how Wendi and her team can handle all of the details for you or any part in-between.

Simply schedule a free consultation, and you’re on your way!

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