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Event Ticketing - Quality vs Quantity

If you’re in the process of planning an event, attendee headcount is likely top of mind. You’re focused on the numbers, have big goals for how many tickets you want to sell, and are determined to fill the room!

And while it makes sense to think big, it’s important to realize that having more attendees doesn’t necessarily guarantee higher profits - or the powerful, energetic vibe you’re searching for. In fact, the success of an event is not measured by how many people show up, but by the number of high-quality humans that are in attendance, the results they receive, and depending on the type of event, revenue generated.

Think about it. How committed would you be to attend a free masterclass compared to an event where you’ve invested $300 for a ticket? I’ll bet that you’ll be attending the paid event (un-distracted) and that there is a reason you were willing to invest your time and your money - something got you excited enough to reserve your spot and commit to being there.

So, let’s take a moment to think about your event. Wouldn’t you rather have a room full of skin-in-the-game type attendees who are fired up and totally committed, rather than a room of 500 people who are just there to give the whole ‘personal development thing’ a try, or showing up because they have nothing better to do and got a free ticket from a friend?

The totally committed, skin in the game, attendees represent your ideal audience - individuals who are most likely to go from prospect to client in less time and with less effort on your part. They have paid to be there, which means they recognize the value and desire to connect with you and your community. They want to hear from you and your speakers and are confident they will find value in what you are offering.

Understanding Your Audience

You may think that what you’re offering is great for everyone, but that’s not usually the case. When you focus on marketing your event to a very specific audience that truly values what you offer, you’ll end up with a room full of high-quality, highly qualified attendees. And that starts with knowing your ideal client avatar.

Define your ideal client avatar

Before you begin to plan your event, you need to define your audience, otherwise known as your ideal client avatar. An ideal client avatar is a figure or icon that represents your ideal audience and outlines everything about them - who they are, what they do, how much they make, their values, what they want, and why they want it.

Download our Free Ideal Attendee Workbook.

Know why they buy

Take a moment to think about what your ideal client aspires to achieve. What challenges are they facing? What resources do they need? Once you have a clear understanding of who your client is, and you understand their ‘why’, you can begin to create customized content that is relevant and valuable to them. Knowing your audience and why they buy will help you to promote your event effectively and clearly define your event’s value proposition.

Fill the Room with Quality Attendees

Now that you’ve found high-quality attendees, how do you get them to show up? It all starts with connection and creating an experience that engages them.

Connect with people before your event

When someone buys a ticket to an event, it’s because they have made a connection with YOU or your brand. You took the time and made the effort to establish personal connections before you’ve even started selling tickets. Personal outreach matters more than ‘selling’. So, when you’re trying to custom curate an audience for your event, you first need to have a one-on-one connection with your audience. You can do this by leveraging the power of social media - engage with them, answer their questions, and send personalized messages and voice memos. The result? Your audience feels loved, seen, and wanted. You feel like a friend - they trust you and they show up for your event with an energy unlike any other.

Set the right price

It’s important to avoid certain tactics when setting the price for your event. For example, offering buy-one-get-one ticket pricing doesn’t guarantee that those ‘free’ tickets will show up. So, you’re more likely to be left with extra meals and materials and even empty seats, all because you anticipated (and planned) for a larger headcount. The same goes with a free or refundable ticket, as it will be difficult to offset the cost of your event, identify WHO with the free tickets is even planning to attend.

Instead, to get the results you’re looking for, the best approach is to focus on higher-price ticket conversion rather than higher attendee numbers. Those who see the quality and the value in what you have to offer are more willing to pay a higher ticket price. They are also a more engaged audience who will be willing to pay your premium and are more likely to enroll in any program you have to offer.

Quality vs Quantity

Let’s see it all in action by taking a look at metrics from two recent events we planned. You’ll find that quantity isn’t always better than quality.

Client Metrics From Recent Enrollment Events

*Both clients below are in the personal development space. Both events were held during the same time frame within the same quarter in similar parts of the country.

Filling your event space with quality attendees doesn’t just happen. It takes time and skill.

Knowing how and where to communicate, as well as who you should be communicating with, will be a huge asset in your event marketing. Let our team show you how to find the right approach that’s focused on value and conversion rather than higher attendee numbers. Start by scheduling your FREE consultation!

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